Mai Toyama 

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1990. lives in Paris since 2010. 

interdisciplinary artist, classical saxophonist and improvising saxophonist whose work interrogates relationships between sound and visual art particularly the photography. 

After having studied at the national conservatory of music and dance in Paris in classical saxophone and generative improvisation, she collaborates with young composers and participates in projects within IRCAM (research institute and acoustic / music coordination), she creates works in particular with Luis Quintana with who she develops sound and visual / theatrical performances (in 2018-2019) As well as at the In Vivo Danse Camping of Heiner Gobbels at the Centquatre (Paris 19th) where she develops the repertoire that links between visual and sound performance as an improviser.

Passionate about collaboration and creation (painting, ceramics and photography) She performs concerts / exhibitions with artists / musicians in Japan and France where she develops a repertoire that links visual performance as well as sound. 

外山 舞



CEFEDEM de Normandieにて2年間、音楽教育学、ジャズ、ポップス、伝統音楽、M.A.O.を学び修了。国家音楽教員免許を(Diplôme d’état)  取得。


10-14/2/2021 Music direction for exhibition of "Futari"  by Shin Ikegami (photograph) & Sunny Lee (photograph) / , Pictorico gallery, Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan 

16/11 2020 "Konomachi no Katasumi de" Tsukamoto, Osaka, Japan 

10/3 2020 Appartment Photo Exhibition, Paris, appartement haussmannien,


2019 Paris,France “Écoute” Comtemporary/Electroacoustic music & Performance 

2019 Paris, France Heiner Gobbels Camping Improvisator of "In VIVO" 

2019 Le Cent Quatre 104,IRCAM,Luis Quintana "Nature l'importun" 

2018 Rostrenen, Bretagne France Festival Klasik

2021 2/10-14  "ふたり"の音楽ディレクションを担当しました。ピクトリコギャラリー、表参道、東京

2020  11/16 この街の片隅で  エレバティー塚本  awaiya books、大阪

2020 3/10 アパートメント個展、パリ

2019 Paris,France “Écoute” 現代音楽、現代エレクトロアコースティック音楽のプロジェクト・コンサート 

2019 Le Cent Quatre 104,IRCAM(フランス国立音響音楽研究所) で作曲家Luis Quintanaのサクソフォン&エレクトロアコースティックのための作品「Nature l'importun」を初演

2019 Paris, France Heiner GobbelsのIn VIVOの即興家として演奏。(演劇/ダンス/音楽/現代アート) 

2018 Rostrenen, Bretagne France Festival Klasik (写真、抽象絵画、造形美術、電子音楽、現代音楽と即興のコラボレーションのディレクション&演奏) 

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